22 Jan

Glen Cove Receives Two Grants Totaling Nearly $750,000

Money Will Help Improve The City’s Waterways

Glen Cove, NY, January 22, 2018 … Through the outstanding work of the Glen Cove Community Development Agency, New York State has awarded Glen Cove a total of $745,160 in grants for two very important city projects through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).

“We are grateful to receive these generous grants which will support our continued planning efforts for the south side of Glen Cove Creek and address the rehabilitation needs of the East Island Tidal Gates and Dosoris Pond,” said Mayor Timothy Tenke.  “Under the leadership of CDA Executive Director Ann Fangmann with support from CDA team members Jocelyn Wenk and Noel Diehl, our Glen Cove will receive nearly $750,000 in funding from the CFA.”

The City of Glen Cove will be receiving a $50,000 grant for the Glen Cove Western Gateway Strategic Plan through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Program.  The funds will allow the city to embark on a robust planning process to culminate with the development of resiliency strategies for the south side of the Glen Cove Creek and Glen Cove Avenue. The Western Gateway Plan will respond to the anticipated impacts of climate change on the south side of Glen Cove Creek, as well as the project area’s existing location within the 100-year floodplain. This project will advance the City’s long-term vision—three decades in the making—of revitalizing its waterfront, downtown, and adjacent commercial/residential areas. It will improve the recreational, environmental, and economic value of the waterfront and nearby downtown. The planning process will also include risk assessments and may include sea level rise, storm surge, increased precipitation, downpours, and higher average temperatures. The evaluation of existing conditions will also feature an inventory of natural resources and non-motorized transportation infrastructure in the project area. Based on the CDA’s submitted grant application, the City expects to provide a local in-kind $50,000 match.

The second grant of $695,160 is through the DEC Water Quality Improvement Program (WQIP) for the Rehabilitation of the East Island Tidal Gates and Dosoris Pond. Dosoris Pond is a tidal water body that receives inputs of non-point source contaminants during storm events, as well as freshwater contributions from ponds and stream systems. There are three sets of tidal gates situated between the East Island Bridge piers, which have been in a state of disrepair for nearly a decade, negatively affecting the surrounding area and leading to erosion, flooding, high build-up of pathogens and nutrients, and related issues. The funds will allow the city to replace the non-functional tidal gates, make structural improvements to the wingwalls, install green infrastructure within the area, stabilize the shoreline, and develop a post-construction maintenance plan around Dosoris Pond. Based on the CDA’s submitted grant application, the city expects to provide a local cash match of $304,890.